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Time for some change!

It’s been a quiet year on my page. I know you guys have noticed I haven’t been posting at but I can assure you it’s all well and it’s about to get better.

As someone who has been missing “home”, I’ve realized that life moves too fast. Over the last decade I’ve captured so many memories behind the lens and those are the one I’ve been holding on to really tight lately. I’ve found myself staring at the canvas portrait I have of the kids with the dogs that’s in the hallway, the most cherished photo I own. Makes me smile each time I see it and I’m thankful I get to look at the other half of my heart that’s been missing since our move.

Scrolling through my hard drive I also realized I’m rarely in front of the camera so I decided to comb my hair and take a self-portrait (with the help of my little assistant Jalicia). I’ve ordered a metal print to add to the other portraits I have on my entrance table. Because after all, this is the way we get to capture today, to stop time and leave behind memories for our loved ones to cherish far beyond the time we have left with them.

Quit being shy, get in front of that camera, take more portrait and print more photos.

10 years from today you’ll be glad you did.


#selfportrait #photograper

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