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Model Call

The purpose of this form is to determine if you and/or your family members would be suitable participants for the current creative project we're working on. Please be as thorough in your descriptions as possible. Occasionally a response from a client will give us inspiration that takes us in an entirely new direction, leading us to create a concept just for you! 

 • You must be 18yrs old to enter, 8 yrs or above to participate • Serious Inquiries Only  •

• All genders and body types encouraged to apply! • 

Your session is complimentary which includes the following:

  • UP TO 1hour photo session for the reserved date and time.

  • 5-10 images to choose from within 12 weeks of session.

  • 3 complimentary digital images downloadable for FREE*.

Additional items are available for purchase at the rate of $800 for entire gallery or $65 per individual digital.

Take advantage of a **free matching digital with the purchase of any tangible product.

*Images are for personal use only.

**Excludes lustre gift prints


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Model Release:

In order to participate in a modeling portrait session, you must sign a model release which grants the photographer the right to use and publish photos and video created during the session for any advertising, display, publication, marketing, competition, and/or other studio purposes.


Joline Perez Photography reserves the right to use images created under this contract for advertising, display, publication or other purposes.


If consent to advertise with images is withdrawn, the client will pay FULL COST OF THE SESSION up to $400.


Additionally, client agrees and understands that the photographer is only responsible for social media and website removal. Photographer is not responsible nor has the ability to remove any images in publication, reposted images, bookmarks, or screenshots. Photographer is only responsible for removal of content that she directly has access to.

By entering this model call you automatically consent to this model release. 

Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe:

You might be asked to do your own hair and make up. If a collaborations with a makeup and hair stylist has been established, this will be discussed with you during your consultation. If you are confident in hair in makeup please let us know, we would love to capture your style! 

Usually when we release model calls we have a style in mind based on the theme we are working on. If you would love to participate but do not have pieces to bring for the shoot still apply for the model call, just let us know we can work something out. 

Please fill out this form completely. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. 

You will be required to share a link of a social media platform where at least one folder or album is public and contains a headshot, a side view and a full length image of the person participating in the model call.  You can always submit the images via email to once your form has been completed.

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