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Portrait Agreement

Full session fee is due at the signing and submission of this contract.

To secure your session date and time, please make sure it’s paid within 48 hrs of consultation. 

This fee is considered a non-refundable retainer that secures your booking. No digital files or print products are included with this fee unless otherwise specified.

Contract must be signed and retainer must to be paid by the day of the photo shoot before any pictures are taken. Any additional work requested must be paid prior to additional work commencing and will be noted on receipt. 

1. PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION ORDER: This signed Contract constitutes and order for photography in the form of high-resolution images (print) and low resolution (web) on digital les. There are no oral or other agreements of the parties hereto and this Contract constitutes full and complete understanding and agreement between the Client and the Photographer. 

2. LIMIT OF LIABILITY: Although care will be taken with the digital files, the Photographer limits any liability for loss, damage or failure to deliver photographs for any reason of Photographers non-performance caused by any force or similar circumstances, illness, accident or any cause beyond their control. In any event, the limit of Photographer’s liability shall not exceed the contract price stated herein. 

3. EXCLUSIVE PHOTOGRAPHER (relates to portrait or non-event sessions only) It is understood that no other photographer, amateur or professional, shall be allowed to photograph at the session near the Photographer while she is working due to reasons of the photographer delivering the quality of images as expected. Any breach of this agreement can constitute a reason for non- completion of the job with no liability to the Photographer. 

4. OWNERSHIP OF DIGITAL FILES: It is agreed that dual ownership of the digital files will be maintained by the Client and the Photographer. Upon delivery of the digital files to Client’s physical control, the client shall gain personal non-commercial rights to images. It is also agreed that the Photographer will have full rights to use all images for advertising purposes. Clients have the choice to purchase additional CDs of the original files at the time of purchase. However, the Photographer does NOT guarantee archival of the digital files passed a period of one year after the session/event date and will not be held responsible if loss occurs as per section 1 and 2. RAW and unedited files will not be given to the client.

5. DISPLAY or PROMOTION: It is agreed that the Photographer may display and use photographs from session/event for website and internet promotion, and any other non-commercial purposes thought proper by the Photographer. 

6. RESERVATION DEPOSIT & PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Upon signature, the Photographer (Joline Perez) reserves the time and date agreed upon, and will not make other reservations for that time and date. For this reason, the deposit is non-refundable, even if event date is changed or photo shoot cancelled for ANY reason. Sessions can only be rescheduled one time at no cost. The deposit is to be paid at time of parties signing this contract. The deposit is applied towards the total balance upon completion and submission of this Contract. Client understands and agrees that the entire amount owed for the photography package described in this Contract is due on, or before the photoshoot day. (No pictures will be taken until paid) 

7. GUARANTEED DELIVERY: Photographer agrees to have the contracted order for the photoshoot photographs completed within a reasonable period of time from the shoot day. (Turnaround time is 10-15 days). 

8. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: This Contract is not to be construed as an employment agreement in any way. The Photographer functions as an independent contractor. 

9. CANCELLATION: In the event the Client must cancel the contracted services for photography on this Contract, and balance is paid prior to the event/session the Photographer agrees to refund all money paid, excluding the retainer fee. 

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