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Time capsule

6x9 Folio box

5 Lustre Prints


5 Matching Digital Image


 add on additional images with matching digitals.

1 $65.00

5  $250.00

10  $400.00

20 $700.00


*6x9 Folio box with prints Shown

Bronze Collection

5 8x10 Matted Printed Images in an 8x10 luxury black box.

5 matching Digital Images


Joline Perez Diamond Box.jpg

*Matted print and Black Box Shown

Gold Collection

20 8x10 matted Images in a luxury folio box  

$200 wall art credit

20 mats matching Digital Images



*Canvas Shown

Little black book

5x7 or 8x8 Custom black book 

20 of your favorite images


3 matching digital images from your album


 add on additional digital images.

1 $65.00

5  $250.00

10  $400.00

20 $700.00

JP Little black book.png

*8x8 album shown

Silver Collection

10 8x10 matted Images in a luxury folio box

10 mats matching Digital Images


JP Premium Folio Box_1.jpg

*Matted Prints in Lux Folio Box Shown

Platinum Collection

30 11x14 Matted Images in a luxury in an 11x14 folio box  

$200 wall art credit

30 matching Digital Images

 $200 wall art credit  and 50% off next session fee 



*Fine Art Frame Shown

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